ORGANIC………… The key word most health conscious consumers are looking for when shopping. Free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, red dye, and preservatives. Certified organically grown produce that tastes better, makes you feel better and is honestly just plain good for you!

One wouldn’t think a small town like Glenns Ferry, Idaho, with a population of less than 2000 would attract an organic producer with a dream as big as Don and Carol McFarland’s. Don and Carol purchased a vacated potato plant that used to be a top employer in this small town, until the plant suddenly decided to close its doors in 2008 and displace close to 114 employees and their families. The plant offered many needed amenities such as power, space and a central location that Mr. McFarland knew would become a great success for packaging and distributing organic potatoes.

Mr. Mcfarland has extensive knowledge with unique potato varieties that offer many key health benefits and are also grown for their culinary and eating features. Mr. McFarland hired on two important people to help him make this dream come true. Manny Flores, who has 20+ years experience within the potato industry, was hired on to oversee day to day operations, facility efficiency, and quality assurance of packaged finished product. Manny’s main task is to oversee the continued development and progress of the facility while managing the people involved ensuring top notch results. Jared Tanner, who is in charge of sales and marketing, was also hired on. Jared’s main focus covers new market expansion, new market trends, day to day sales, and transportation. Jared also brings 20+ years of overall produce experience to the team. Mr. McFarland has entrusted these two men with the growth and continued development of the program.

Genesis has developed a program that enables them to control the quality, yield, and overall success due to Mr. McFarland’s decades of experience in growing potatoes. The company has the ability to start desired varieties as a pre-nuclear to nuclear greenhouse process moving them to the field as generation 1 to generation 3 potatoes. Healthy seed equals phenomenal quality if grown and managed properly, and the fresh pack facility utilizes a program that is consistent with all of the contributing farms. This ensures consistency across the board, while at the same time monitoring each variety independently as needed.

The participating farms grow a wide variety of potatoes including reds, yellows, purples, and russets, all certified organic, and chosen not only for their appearance, but also for their great culinary and eating characteristics. imagejpeg_0.jpg The company’s goal is to establish a year round packaging and distribution program, which will be first for organics for the United States. The Genesis packing facility is GFS Primus approved and Certified with all farms currently undergoing USDA GAP certification. So, what are in the plans for their future? With increased marketing and consumer demand for organic products, available space within the facility will be utilized to accommodate future expansion. The people of Glenns Ferry appreciate Mr. McFarland and his company’s efforts to bring something essential to our town. Having the plant back in operation is a sure sign of great things to come!